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Author Build name Class Mainskill T.DPS T.DOT Life ES Evasion Armour Budget Views C.
CaptainWARLORDBudget Ele Wander (Piscator�...BerserkerBarrage1091843065401383957 2614Medium630
CaptainWARLORDKitava's Thirst Crit Fros...AssassinFrostbolt32275405734422957 448Medium520
CaptainWARLORDSSF to GG-Gear CWC CWDT TankBerserkerFirestorm369440100411121152 4798Zero560
CaptainWARLORD3.0 Hipster Dark Pact Poison B...OccultistDark Pact261150552912411350 1605Medium390
CaptainWARLORDWild Strike Speed FarmerRaiderWild Strike85304605704260 3618Medium910
CaptainWARLORDMolten Strike Shaper FarmerBerserkerMolten Strike29129407427143678 1897Low540

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