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Author Build name Class Mainskill T.DPS T.DOT Life ES Evasion Armour Budget Views C.
Sidefxmayinclde3.0 Sidefx Frost BladesRaiderFrost Blades4314422056611182836 12811High430
Sidefxmayinclde3.0 Sidefx Berserker RFBerserkerRighteous Fire0710894110216951059 9614High2822
Sidefxmayinclde3.0 Sidefx Cthulhu ArrowTricksterCaustic Arrow570627353181331922 0Medium650
Sidefxmayinclde3.0 Sidefx Dot BerserkerBerserkerLacerate2204615075711722737 10940High340

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